Coulisse Double Roller Shades

By moving the open and closed stripes of these fabrics in respect to one another you can create the perfect light and the desired view and privacy.  Three different stripe sizes available.

Coulisse Essentials

A unique collection of prints, solids, and screen fabrics in a variety of colors and opacity levels.  Perfect  for use on roller shades and panel tracks.

Coulisse Nature

Natural materials beautifully filter the light and create balance in the interior.

Coulisse Ultimate

An exclusive collection of jacquard woven fabrics for roller shades and panel tracks.

Coulisse Ultimate Jacquard I + II

The patterns in this collection are based on timeless classical themes and have a modern chic look.

Coulisse Ultimate Screen

The use of metallic and transparent yarns in beautiful jacquard designs creates rich contrasts and a stylish and sophisticated fabric.