Our values

This is who we are and how we do it

Our values



Unique is a family business. Strong, personal and long-term relationships characterize the company. They are the foundation for dedicated teams of people with long-term experience with and knowledge of the business and Unique. Over 10% of the people working at Unique has worked there for over 25 years, sometimes even including three generations of families.


This strong personal foundation translates into a personal commitment to each other, the product and the customer. In the work it is reflected in passion and dedication. From the sales representatives to the people in the factory and from the management to the truck driver; everyone at Unique is committed to making the difference together.


In everything Unique does, the company tries to do things just a little bit differently. This is expressed in the product portfolio, that offers that exciting fashionable edge people are looking for today, the size of the inventory and the personal approach that comes with each and every product. The uniqueness of the people of Unique makes the company as well as their products and services different.

As an experienced player in this market, we knows important reliability is. Quick and accurate delivery, support and after service are key to maximum customer satisfaction. To be able to guarantee its reliability, Unique has organized its company to optimally accommodate this goal. With over 100,000 square feet of inventory, well-organized fabrication facilities and a hard-working, dedicated work force Unique is able to deliver, what they say they will deliver.


Being a real US company, we are driven by a spirit of creating excellence in customer experience. Our drive to deliver quality, to fulfill needs, to solve problems and to become successful is expressed in the best products, service and support.

As every family, Unique is proud of who they are, where they come from and what they have achieved. Our US roots are an important and cherished part of who we are and a symbol of quality. This pride is expressed in the way they operate towards customers. They want to share it with their customers and will do anything to live up to the expectations this symbol of quality comes with.